TiLP 6.81

This project aims to develop a multi-platform linking program
6.81 (See all)

TILP features :
TiLP stands for 'Tilp is a Linking Program' (GNU recursive acronyms).
Supported platforms are : Linux, Windows, Mac OS-X, FreeBSD.
Supported link cables are : GrayLink, BlackLink, SilverLink, DirectLink ParallelLink, VTi (virtual) and TiEmu (virtual).
Supported hand-helds are : TI73, TI82, TI83, TI83 , TI84 , TI85, TI86, TI89, Titanium, TI92, TI92 , V200, NSpire, NSpire-CAS.
Capabilities : silent link, screendump, directory listing, send/recv of vars, send/Recv of backups, send/recv of FLASH apps, send of OS, ROM dumping, ID LIST, clock, create folder, delete var/app

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